You want to do this again sometime? How could you possibly resist?

Daniel [flushes toilet after vomiting]

Raimy: Daniel, what are you doing here?
Daniel: Says the crazy stalker girl who keeps popping in and out of my life.

Are you for real right now? You told me about the bust. You didn't bother telling me you were a cop.


You chose the job, and I chose to move on. You know, we keep score, and we both lose.


Mirasella: Is that your daughter?
Julie: Our daughter.
Mirasella: He never told me. He never told me any of this.

Satch: You know, your dad thought the Nightingale was sending us messages. I didn't buy it at the time.
Raimy: What do you mean?
Satch: Setting up scenes to make a point. Goading him. Because your father couldn't catch him.
Raimy: Neither can I. Same thing all over again.

Satch: You know your dad saved this woman from the Nightingale two decades ago. I'm almost glad he's not here to see this, because this? Man.
Raimy: A branch grew back.

Raimy: Are you saying a person can't change the future?
Carl: Of course you can. You have to cut off the trunk.

Cut a branch and another grows in its place.


Can we just focus on nailing this psycho? That's how I get my family back. Unless you just want to sit here and braid each other's hair all night.


Carl: I talk to myself.
Raimy: Shocker.
Carl: In the future. Is that something you'd be interested in?

Frank: You sound winded. Just come back from a run?
Raimy: No. I slept in late.
Frank: Did you take my advice?
Raimy: About what?
Frank: Having a life.
Raimy: Are you asking me if I have a guy here?
Frank: I don't know. Do ya?

Frequency Quotes

Frank: You're a cop? Get outta here. So you're telling me in 20 years I'm going to be on teh job with my daughter?
Raimy: No.
Frank: What? I'm retired?
Raimy: You're dead. You die tomorrow.

The ham radio's in the garage because I want it in the garage.