Jim. I have to try this. I have to at least try.


Boyd: I'm not giving up.
Donna: Did I say give up? Boyd, this may be the last few hours any of us get. So why don't you just stop being a goddamn martyr and come and watch your son get married. The end of the world will still be here when the ceremonies done.

You don't break me. You hear that! You don't fucking break me.


Why do people always ask that when the answer's obvious?

Ellis. Hey. You alright? Reggie

If this is the end, then I want it to end with you.

Fatima [to Ellis]

Jade: Nothing about this place is natural.
Tom: Wrong. Nothing about this place is familiar. There's a difference.

Dale: What are we even doing out here? Randall was an asshole.
Donna: Yeah, well, you're an asshole, too, and I wouldn't leave you out here to rot.

Julie: Boyd. What's going on? What happened in there?
Boyd: Something killed Paula.
Julie: But it's not dark yet. I don't...
Boyd: There's something else here now. Something new.

What if the people who died here- what if their fears become part of the forest? What if that really is Nathan's nightmare out there?

Sara [to Kenny]

Boyd: Are you out of your goddamn mind?
Randall: Guess we're gonna have to stay the night and see what happens, huh?

Kenny: Put that away.
Sara: Why? It's what everyone wants. Isn't it?

Victor: My mother used to say that everything is a story. We're the ones that get to decide how it ends.
Ethan: What about her story? Did it end the way she wanted?
Julie: Ethan!

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Kenny: You think they're ready?
Boyd: Go head get the strip.

Boyd: Motherfucker. What I tell you, Frank?
Frank: It got late. And I didn't-
Boyd: You got kids. You nail the windows shut. You nail the motherfucking windows shut, Frank! Right?