We're all here for the same reason. Because we wanna be good at something.


I won my first dance competition when I was three months old.


I'm not afraid of being called a loser. Because that's what I am.


Emma: Since when are cheerleaders performers?
Sue: Your resentment is delicious.

Oh, HELL to the no! Look, I'm not down with this background singin' nonsense. I'm Beyoncé, I ain't no Kelly Rowland.


Let's pray.

Quinn Fabray [after Finn tries to get to second base]

You think this is hard? Try waterboarding. That's hard!

Sue Sylvestor

You think this is hard? I have hepatitis. That's hard!

Sue Sylvestor

Glee Quotes

The English language lacks the requisite words to express just how much I dislike you.


[to Rachel] They say you have to lose everything before you can really find yourself.

Rachel's dad