Patient: Are you expecting?
Teddy: I am.

Alex: You know, even if I have to leave. I'm not leaving you. You know that.
Meredith: I know that.

I loved who you were five years ago, and I love you even more today.


Matthew: Let's try again.
April: I don't think Alex and Jo will have me try this another time.
Matthew: I wasn't talking about them.

I still have this voice in my head that tells me that because I'm a woman, I can't pause. I can't rest. It's the voice of the patriarchy. I'm going to follow my own voice.


No one has ever in the history of my life ever hurt me like Callie.


I'm going to tell Meredith Grey how I feel about her.


I was going to ask the Chief if she had a job opening. Or, I can forget I ever asked.


Jackson: I don't really know what to say in this situation or to do, really, but I want April to be happy. She deserves that. You both do.
Matthew: April, I'm trying to build a life with her, and you are Harriet's father. I'm trying to be a Christian about this, but it's hard.
Jackson: You want to hit me?
Matthew: Yeah, I do.
Jackson: Would it help if I told you I lost a quarter of a billion dollars?
Matthew: Yeah, yeah that would.

Alex is my, he's my Alex. I just got happy in a world without Cristina and without Derek. I don't want to be alone.


Where do you sit if you used to be in love with the bride and the groom beat you up and put you in the hospital?


Oh my God, I knew it! You're in love with Alex.


Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 24 Quotes

April quit her job to do God's work, and I promised I'd give my life to a God I didn't really believe in, and I don't know what that means.


Thank you for being here. I know that weddings are probably not your favorite place to be with me.

April [to Matthew]