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Meredith prepares Zola for the wedding. She's the flower girl. 

Alex is sad that Arizona is leaving. 

Jo comes in because she's excited that she got into Mass General. Meredith gets upset without saying anything because she doesn't want Alex to leave. 

Betty comes in and has her 30-day chip for being sober. 

Bailey gets her first check for her traiblazer project. 

Jackson talks to Maggie about April quitting her job to give her life over to God. He also tells her about how he promised to give his life to God too, but he doesn't know what that means. Maggie tells him that she'll support him with his new journey. 

April is texting everyone trying to figure out where they are. They assure her they're at he wedding, but when the wedding march starts and another bride walks down the aisle, Jackson, Maggie, Richard, Bailey and the interns realize they're at a different wedding. 

There was an issue with the GPS link sent to everyone for the wedding. The others are trying to figure out how to leave the wedding without making a scene. When they go to leave, the bride's mother passes out and Bailey and everyone goes into action. 

Amelia assumes that Meredith doesn't want Alex to get married because she's in love with him. Meredith tells Jo that she can offer her a fellowship at the hospital. 

Jo bursts into Alex's room and accuses him of getting Meredith to offer her the position. He tells her that he didn't. 

Alex and Jo sneak off to a shed to have sex because everyone is late for their wedding anyway and they don't want April to bust them. 

Bailey rushes the bride's mother to the hospital because she is having heart issues but Maggie is at the wedding and no other heart surgeon is available. Teddy conveniently appears in time and Bailey asks her to scrub in. 

Jackson and Matthew run into each other at the wedding and it's awkward. 

Alex and Jo are stuck in the shed. Arizona thinks she's the one who scared Alex away by talking about her divorce and all of that.

Richard reprimands Meredith for offering Jo an attending position when she got the fellowship offers all because she wants Alex to stay.

Meredith tells Amelia that she doesn't want to be alone if Alex leaves. 

DeLuca gets drunk with the interns. 

Jackson talks to Matthew and tries to bury the hatchet for April and Harriet's sake. 

Jo and Alex discover a human skeleton in the shed with them. 

Bailey feels like she didn't do anything after she got a second chance at life. 

The wedding planner goes into anaphylactic shock. They have to all work on her in the middle of the aisle. 

Andrew gave a speech about love. Meredith takes him aside to give him a pep talk and he gets the wrong message and kisses her. She tells him she's flattered but no. They hear Alex and Jo and free them. 

They use a pinwheel to trach the wedding planner. Glasses hates the sight of blood and passes out bringing the cake down with him.

Bailey tells Teddy that she wants to use her money and take time and do so many other things. She offers her a job as interim Chief until Bailey does what she needs to do. 

Maggie has Meredith ordained via the internet. She marries Jo and Alex on the ferryboat when he asks her to after telling her that he'll never leave her even if he has to move. 

The minister arrives at the old wedding site. Matthew asks April to marry him again. They get married on the spot with Arizona and Jackson as their witnesses. It's a happy occasion. 

The woman who had a heart attack, her daughter gets married at the chapel, and Teddy streams it on an Ipad for her to see. When she touches her stomach while crying the patient asks her if she's pregnant and she says she is. We're led to believe it's Owen's baby. 






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Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 24 Quotes

April quit her job to do God's work, and I promised I'd give my life to a God I didn't really believe in, and I don't know what that means.


Thank you for being here. I know that weddings are probably not your favorite place to be with me.

April [to Matthew]