I've been arrested, Meredith. I need your help.


Meredith: What is with you two because you realize Richard and I are like family, so if there is something going on.
Tom: I don't kiss and tell.
Meredith: That's literally what you do.
Tom: Oh you want details.
Meredith: No, I don't.
Tom: She woke me up. I had a kid, a son, and then I didn't. I sleepwalked through years of my life, and Catherine reminded me that I was alive. And she sings a mean harmony, yeah. She's my friend.

And I'll tell them what you do to people! How you hunt 'em down. People who are trying to be there for their families and their children. Who are holding on with everything they've got!


I spent most of my life being five steps ahead of everyone else and no one wants to be friends with that girl. That girl doesn't have any dates or fights. She didn't learn how to fight... I never learned how to really love, or fight, or let anyone in without it feeling like the end of the world. You have been married, and divorced, and you have a child, and you lost a child, and you are five steps ahead of me, and I don't really know how to catch up.


Jackson: When is the last time you let me in at all. About anything.
Maggie: So you went and got it from someone else.
Jackson: Maggie, yeah. I find it easier to open up with people who open up with me.

You run every time it gets complicated, Maggie. You hide.


I thought it would be me, detonating this whatever this is. Not because of ego or anything, but history. I thought it would be me.


Tom: I am a Big Gun.
Mer: Yes, I know. You're amazing, incredible. There's no one in the world like you. I get it.
Tom: I feel so seen. Thank you.

Jackson: It's just nice to talk to people who have been through the same thing.
Maggie: People? Who else are you talking to?
Jackson: Just April, sometimes.

Maggie: Some woman is missing you with multiple heart emojis and you won't tell me the truth.
Jackson: The truth is I met someone.
Maggie: You met someone.
Jackson: At the monastery.
Maggie: At the monastery.
Jackson: Will you stop repeating everything I'm saying?

Frankie: You can say it you know. It won't kill you.
Richard: You weren't wrong for waiting a while.

Tom: I would like to meet the patient first.
Catherine: I'm sorry to disappoint, Thomas. No Hollywood movie stars today. I'm the patient.

Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 7 Quotes

Frankie: Chief.
Richard: I haven't been a chief in years, Frankie.
Frankie: You'll always be my chief.

Tom: I'm sure if you ask nicely that flight attendant could scrounge up a kickass sedative to knock you right out.
Meredith: If you knew my history on planes you would not be making jokes.