Meredith: When Derek died, there was just one day. Just one day where I didn't know where he was. I pretended everything would be okay, but inside I was going crazy. I guess it's like that for Nathan every day.
Maggie: Yeah. You get him.
Meredith: Well, I don't know about that.

I don't do reunions, but I can see why people do. They can make you feel like you haven't felt in a long time. Comfy. Familiar. Kind of like coming home. You see how people turned out. If they realized their hopes and dreams. Or if they have lost their hopes and dreams. Or maybe you see if they have found what we all should find. Brand new hopes and dreams.


I don't like pretending not to like you, and I don't like listening to all the awful things people say about you.


Webber: We both know that your mother would never put me before her career
Meredith: True. But I'm supposed to do better than her. Isn't that the point? Be better. I can't be like her.
Webber: Go get your job.

Maggie: I just, schizophrenia is a difficult disease, but with treatment it can be helped.
Riggs: What do you mean?
Maggie: Well I just don't get it? I would just be happy that she's alive. How is this not a happy ending?
Riggs: You're right. You don't get it.
Maggie: I want to.
Riggs: They gave up on her. They just buried an empty box in the ground and moved on. They had lattes, saw movies. They just lived their lives, and all the while their daughter was out there walking around in the rain, in pain and alone. And they'll never forgive themselves for that. They shouldn't.

Miranda: Well, it looks like the residents pulled it off without a hitch.
Richard: You missed a few hitches.

Arizona: The choice that keeps everyone alive is the wise one.
Eliza: I am wise.

Abusive Husband: I can't take back the stuff that I've done. but I can do this. I just want to do something good.
Jo: If you really want to do good, never tell them about this. You do it anonymously and walk away. They never have to know it was your kidney, and they never have to see you again.

You're not the hero here. You don't get to take this as a win. This is the least you can do. The very least.


You don't get how she will feel, to wake up and find out that he controlled this. He made a decision while she was asleep. He decided to get into her life. She had no say, no control, no nothing. We can't do this. We can't.


Miranda: Okay, there is a difference between loyalty and stubbornness, Grey?
Meredith: I do not want to be reinstated unless Richard Webber is. As Residency Director. Minnick goes.
Miranda: Thanks for the coffee.

Miranda: Look, you can serve under Chief Webber if you want to. But it doesn't change the fact that he is not your chief, I am, and as your chief, I'm ready to lift the suspension if you feel you're ready to come back.
Meredith: I want to.
Miranda: Good.
Meredith: But I can't. Not until he does.

Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 14 Quotes

Amelia: I do not live here, I'm crashing.
Alex: You crash on a couch, you live in a bed. You're living here.

Meredith: Hey, maybe tomorrow I can pack a lunch for you, seeing how I have all the time in the world now.
Maggie: I told you to think of it as a vacation.
Amelia: [frowning at a pair of socks] These are folded all wrong.
Meredith: Vacation or prison? [Alex glares at her] Ohh, sorry, too soon?