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Amelia stays at Meredith's house.

Alex starts his first day back at the hospital, but he doesn't have too much to do because of the new process. 

Arizona has befriend Minnick but is trying to keep it under wraps because the rest of her friends still don't like her. she breaks down, beacause she's upset that everyone is saying bad things about Eliza.

Bailey goes to Meredith's house to call a truce. But Meredith refuses to return until Richard is reinstated. Richard comes by Meredith's later so that he can talk her back into returning. 

A case involving a kidney transplant and a mother and son cutting themselves off from an abusive husband hits close to home for Jo. when the mother's kidney is bad, the doctors have to decided who gets the kidney. 

The father shows up at the hospital and Jo tries to have to him kicked out. But later on they discover that he's a match for the son, so they decide to let him donate the kidney to the boy. Jo's condition is that he doesn't tell his famaly that he's the one who donated, because if he really wants to be selfless, he'll do it without coming across like he's controlling them.

Riggs and Maggie handle a case with a schizophrenic homeless woman in need of a new pacemaker. They manage to track down her parents who thought she was dead. There is a happily ever after for them, but it hits close to home for Riggs. Maggie worries about him.

Grey's Anatomy
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Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 14 Quotes

Amelia: I do not live here, I'm crashing.
Alex: You crash on a couch, you live in a bed. You're living here.

Meredith: Hey, maybe tomorrow I can pack a lunch for you, seeing how I have all the time in the world now.
Maggie: I told you to think of it as a vacation.
Amelia: [frowning at a pair of socks] These are folded all wrong.
Meredith: Vacation or prison? [Alex glares at her] Ohh, sorry, too soon?