Jackson ruined us, Richard. We are ruined.


Andrew, I'm so sorry.


I want to have kids with you. I love how much you care for Kimmie, and it makes me want to have kids you. And if it's OK with you, I want to take your last name because I never had the last name of anyone who loved me.


I don't know what we're doing anymore.

Agent Fields

Don't become what they're trying to make you. If you run you're a criminal. If you're a criminal then you can never practice medicine again.


Agent Fields: I thought you guys were just stalling me.
Maggie: Right? But, no, no. You are in grave danger.

Jackson: How is she doing?
Catherine: She takes about one breathe per minute, very slow, very painful ... for Richard.

Jo: Does Alex know?
Kimmie: Will you tell him that I said thank you and that when I did it, I was smiling?

We smuggled Megan's kid in the country, so she kind of owes us a favor.


Alex: Bello is from El Salvador?
Meredith: Barely, they're going to throw her in a van, put a black bag over her head, and drop her off in El Salvador.
Alex: I don't think it works that way.

It doesn't work that way with DREAMers. Getting married doesn't give you legal status.


Agent Fields: I need to speak with one of your surgical interns.
Meredith and Miranda: Which one?

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 19 Quotes

It's not your fault. You tried. Now I just, I want to see some Broadway shows before I die.


Maggie: You are a grown man who never learned to apologize.
Jackson: I am excellent at apologizing when I've actually done something wrong.