It's my first sister's pregnancy. I missed all of yours.


Owen: Amelia are you...are you pregnant?
Amelia: I might be.

Mer: No, I get it. If it were you and you were in June's position, I'd want you to have it. And if someone asked, I'd say screw them too.
Webber: How old do you think I am?

The good news is, that was a terrible joke. If the clot didn't kill him, that joke would have.


Nathan: Owen, something's happened. Something terrible.
Owen: Yeah, yeah it did. Hand me that bag.

Amelia: I didn't have to do this last time.
April: What do you mean last time?
Amelia: The last time I was pregnant. I didn't have to tell the father because he was dead.

Have you peed on a stick yet? Because if you haven't peed on that stick yet, stop talking!


I'm just saying Edwards has been like my right hand, and my right hand is no good to me if it is in your pocket.


Yeah, it's my decision...but screw her.

Granny June

I swear you try to have one damn day of joy around here.


Ben: Maybe she's colic.
Owen: What is colic anyway?
Ben: Um...I don't know.

Jo: You call her Granny June?
Andrew: Yeah, she asked me to. It just feels right. She's like a human sunflower.

Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 5 Quotes

Not many people have Miranda Bailey in their corner, but this one does. So today, I am Ed McMahon with a big ole check.


Alex: C'mon it's freaking fall already.
Meredith: It's global warming already.