I'll miss you. If I go back and you don't, I'll miss you.

Mer [to DeLuca]

Those kids have already lost their dad. I don't want them to lose their mom, too.


Tom: I asked you to admit you never loved me because I need it. If I survive this thing, I want to get up off the ground and drop this, so, I need it.
Teddy: I never loved you, Tom.
Tom: Thank you.

He doesn't want you.


Tom: I asked you for one thing, Altman.
Teddy: You asked me for the truth.

Jo: Were you nice before your wife died?
Hayes: Excuse me?

Please, don't take this boy. Please, don't take this boy.


DeLuca saved my life; it's only right that I do the same.


I'm sorry, I just need to be around someone who doesn't hate me.


You look good, the beach suits you.

Meredith [to DeLuca]

Ben: How are you feeling, DeLuca?
DeLuca: Like I got stabbed.

Owen, please save him, please.