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  • DeLuca is fighting for his life as he gets transported to the hospital after getting stabbed by Opal.
  • Maggie spends time with Winston at a hotel. 
  • Amelia is trying to reach Maggie and is freaking out that she's unreachable
  • They wheel DeLuca in, and Carina begs them to save him.
  • DeLuca is on the beach with MEredith. 
  • Amelia still wants to find Maggie to help her talk to Zola about Meredith.
  • Webber wants to perform surgery on DeLuca, but Owen insists on Teddy  because of her military bacground. 
  • Teddy spends time with Tom because she's tired of being around people who hate her. 
  • Hayes and Jo have to do surgery on the mother of the sick baby. The mother is upset that she hasn't been ale to spend time with her baby.
  • Webber prays over Deluca while Teddy, Owen, and another surgeon. The surgery is a success for now, but the recovery is touch and go. 
  • Jackson tracks Maggie down at the hotel and she and Winston go to Mer's house.
  • Jo goes off on Hayes for not letting the mother see her kid.
  • DeLuca wakes up and Carina talks to him. 
  • He starts coding, and they have topen him back up again. 
  • Maggie and Amelia tell Zola about Mer going on a ventilator. 
  • DeLuca crashes. He dies. 
  • In dreamscape he goes to his mother. 
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