Maggie: Your bloodwork shows that you're perimenopausal.
Bailey: I sense ellipses.
Maggie: You're also pregnant.

You work within the broken system to change it instead of bringing it down with you.


Amelia, I think I'm in love with you, and I know you said not to say it back, but it's not something I feel very often. Love is not really my thing. Dating yes. Fun yes. Sex yes.


Levi: It's perfect. It's miraculous, and if you'd have let Dr. Koracick film it, it might have really helped this place.
Jackson: I don't concern myself with headlines, Schmidt, I suggest you don't either.
Levi: Well, you don't have to. You already have a career, your future is safe no matter what, not all of us have that luxury.

Mer: Bailey, you know me. You know I love this place, I grew up here. Any good I have ever done, any awards I ever received have been from things I learned here. In this program from you and Richard Webber. I-I'm sorry if any of this has hurt you. I really am truly sorry.
Bailey: I know what you learned, Grey. I spent years of my life teaching you. Remember, I stayed late almost every night explaining procedures and technique when I could've been home with my family. I made you study. I made you practice. I was your friend, your mentor and every time you needed me I was there. You sit there and apologize and say all the moving words, but the damage has been done.

I am the foundation.


If you want to get technical, I am your boss.


It's not just the medical system that's broken, it's the whole world.


I am woman hear me roar.


Mer: I would like to explain how this happened. Especially to Bailey. I owe it to her. I named my kid after her.
Jo: She may ask you to take that back.

How bad is it?


I have all the feelings.