Mer: What?
Amelia: Nothing. You look happy. That's all.
Mer: Do I? That's weird.

In Washington, we take care of sick kids. No questions asked.


I am a hero

Bailey; Schmitt you just saved the Fire Chief of Seattle Levi

Levi: Oh no! Did I just out someone?
Sullivan: No.
Levi: Oh good. I'm kind of new at this, and my gaydar is uhh...

Tom: Hey, birth buddy.
Owen: I thought you were headed to Baltimore?
Tom: No, I decided to stay for the big show. Already picked out a playlist. I hope you like Enya.

No. No opinion. Not anymore.


I'm sorry I killed a guy and you're making it all about you.


Alex: You are a good luck charm. Aren't you glad you came into work today?
Jo: Yeah, yeah, I really am.

DeLuca: Luis doesn't qualify for State insurance because he makes too much money.
Meredith: Are you kidding me? Cleaning offices. So he makes too much for insurance and not enough for treatment. That's insane!

He did everything right. The system failed him. The system is broken. We know this and we don't do anything.


Dr. Karev, it's not a matter of jumping a line. There is no line. There is no RH blood to be found.


I told you a while back that you were incapable of love, but I have been doing some therapy, and I realize that I think it was me I was talking about, not you. And I'm sorry I said that. It's not true. It's the opposite of true.