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Levi brings in Chief Ripley. Miranda recognizes him and congatulates him on being a hero. 

Ripley is having heart issues that is due to the fire he was in. He doesnt want to stay at the hospital because he wants to track down his girlfirend VIc and tell her he wants to marry her. 

Ripley and Maggie talk about their relationships. Maggie had not answered Jackson's proposal to move in together. She has been staying at Meredith's and avoiding talking about it. 

Maggie makes a deal with Ripley. If he agrees to stay in the hospital, she'll talk to Jackson. She does and tells Jackson that she needs to be able to be herself and weigh her options. She agrees to moving in and he wants to take her camping. 

Ripley leaves the hospital and it's after they find out something terrible they found in his chart. 

Meredith's patient is a young girl whose father is working on his visa. She needs surgery but he can't afford the surgery but he makes too much for state insurance. 

Meredith commits insurance friend performing the surgery under zola's name. Richard is upset but helps her figure out how to help without risking the family getting deprotation. 

DeLuca is impressed by this and tells Meredith he loves her. She doesn't respond back and walks away. 

Jo is working on the case with Gus. She gets a phone call about a donor, but she tells the family and Alex without listening to the whole call. It's a false alarm as the person calling was looking for Gus' blood not looking to give blood to Gus. Jo freaks out with Ben and with Teddy about having to tell Gus' mom. 

She tells Gus' mom who doesn't react well at first, but then Jo breaks down sobbing and Gus' mom  has to comfort her. 

Ben and Teddy both speak to Bailey about Jo, Bailey talks to Alex who dosen't know what to do. 

Levi is still trying to support Nico, but he's being mean to him. Link tells Levi to give Nico space. 

Tom finds the perfect apartment for Teddy. 

Owen notices that Link and Amelia are probably a thing. He apologizes to Amelia for his actions and comments to her. He talks to his therapist and says that he's ready to tell the person he loves that he loves her. 

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