Why put all of this stuff in a trailer and haul it around?


Monroe: Oh, I get it, so if I'm crazy no big deal.
Nick: Hey, we can't both be crazy.

Then there's this little postcard from the edge.


Well, I think the "alone" part is a step in the right direction.


Monroe: Oh that quadruple homicide.
Nick: Yeah.
Monroe: Well, at least you know who did it.

Hank: What's the Captain got to do with this?
Nick: Everything!

Yeah, later, the captain took something that belongs to me.


I know, it looks like resuscitation at best.


No, my baking days are over.


Renard: So, you've seen my brother Eric?
Adalind: All of him.
Renard: Not much of an achievement really.

Juliette: I'm really getting sick of being left in the dark all the time.
Monroe: The dark does have its bright side.

I think the time for being careful is over Nick.


Grimm Season 2 Quotes

Mom: I'm sorry.
Nick: For what?
Mom: A lot of things on that list.

If I was a cop, yeah.