This kid is a purest. Skier?


Being here with you and everyone, I feel like the luckiest guy in the world.


Paul: How did you know?
Cody: Because I have ears, and I hear people talk like you, Taylor, and Jeremy.
Paul: How do you feel?
Cody: I feel lucky, like I have the best family in the whole world.

You can literally be sitting right next to your soulmate and not even realize it.


Jeremy: Let’s think of the positive aspects of this. Who would you rather be dating your sister, a great guy, who you already know and love, or some random guy who you’re not even going to like? Your family gatherings would be a bummer, but with me, you get me.
Paul: That is true, but you didn’t tell me about it.

Paul: Is he still like that with guys you date?
Maddy: Let's just say it’s been away since I brought anyone home to meet the parents.

Paul: I’m not trying to keep them from each other. I’m just trying to protect him.
Maddy: Join the club.

Paul: This has to go down in history as one of the biggest coincides of all time.
Maddy: Or fate? I hope you believe me, Paul, I didn’t know. I swear.

Paul: Thank you so much for this. This makes me so happy.
Taylor: That makes two of you.

Please, I just want to my girl again, and the only way I can is to figure this out.


If I’d known this would be my permanent ghostly outfit, I might have chosen a different outfit, like a suit or a more comfortable pair of shoes.


Eamon: You can always concentrate on what you don’t want to do, so always go for the dream. That’s where the passion is. Teaching or performing, whatever.
Gethsemane: As soon as I pull myself out of a murder investigation, I’ll take advice from a dead person on the top of my list.