You've got six months to live, Jimmy, you're dying.


We don't win unless the judge wants you to win. Got it?


He is dying, they don't get anymore disenfranchised than that.

You still need to think positive, Moms. We can't have the fat lady singin' just yet. Ok? Think positive.


It stops being about our humanity, and starts being about ours.

The law evolves when we learn.

Oliver: Drinks later?
Oliver: She could take you...

We are going to fight....fight for you...and everything is going to be ok.

Tommy [to Wentworth]

You got me a discount clown!

We need to get Dave his purple heart. Right now, today.


We need to get the clown his purple heart.


I will get you that number!


Harry's Law Quotes

Harry: Are we ok Marty?
Marty: Why wouldn't we be?
Harry: You told me to go to hell.
Marty: Well, it's not I won't be going there too; you know that better than anyone right?

Marty: That's a respected lawyer there.
Doctor: That makes one of you.