You always were a good kid. A criminal, but a good kid.


I'm tired of protecting one person at the expense of this entire town.


Charlotte: This ring? It's part of a set. Every member in our family has one.
Nathan: Parker. I can feel her.
Charlotte: Of course you can.
Audrey: Who are you?
Charlotte: I'm you mother.

I'm about 1100 in your years. Mara's about 600. Ish.


You must believe me. Mara is very dangerous and that's why I'm here. To take her away and undo whatever damage she's done.


Charlotte: It seems like you would do anything to save this town, Audrey.
Audrey: I would. They're my family.
Charlotte: Then we might have a solution.

Audrey isn't sick because they're both here. They're sick because one life force split into two. This is our solution.


When it's done, I'm gonna get you back.


Mara: I didn't know that you had your pilot's license.
Duke: I don't.
Mara: I kind of love you, Duke Crocker.
Duke: Yeah, you have a strange way of showin' it.
Mara: Sometimes that's a good thing!

Audrey: You said when we combine, I won't be inside of Mara, I will be a part of Mara.
Charlotte: Yes. Imagine a drop of white paint being mixed and swirled into a can of black paint: gone, but still inside.
Audrey: So then Audrey Parker will cease to exist, will die?
Charlotte: Yes, she must.
Mara: Damn straight.

Mara: I don't want her.
Charlotte: She's not her, dove, she's you! You have to admit there are parts of her you respect, parts that could make you better. Let me return them to you.

Audrey: It's me.
Nathan: Audrey?
Audrey: Parker.
Nathan: How?
Charlotte: Mara was already destroyed by the loss of her father. I've been trying to rescue her from that tragedy but today I realized I was just torturing her instead.
Nathan: So you changed, changed your daughter?
Charlotte: I prefer to think of it as rescued. Audrey is how Mara once was, the daughter I loved.
Nathan: Parker.
Audrey: Yes, yes, it's me, Nathan!

Haven Quotes

The guy threw a manhole cover at me, okay? I'm just sayin'.


Nathan: You just punched me against the room!
Duke: Yes, that's true.