Ambition resides in your heart, Mr. Bohannon. Fed by a sin of pride. That's why you choose the railroad over your own family.


I aim to see them safe. I ain't asking.


Freedom ain't easy.


No man tortures his enemy, if he must torture himself in the process.

The Swede

Heavenly father has spared my neck twice now. He can manage a third.

The Swede

Imagine saving a man's life only to watch his slow death. What breed of monster is capable of such inhumanity.

The Swede

He needs my workers, but not as badly as I need his road.


What’s good for the railroad, is good for America.


In politics, nothing is ever off the table.


Brigham: I’m weary of gentile serpents and their honey-lipped harlots.
Maggie: Well I believe that man just called me a honey-lipped harlot.

Mei: It’s son’s duty to bury father.
Cullen: Then just be his daughter, then.

When the light goes out, they will be home.


Hell on Wheels Quotes

Daniel: You released your slaves and still fought in the war. Why?
Cullen: Honor.

Sean: Do you not believe in a higher power?
Cullen: Yes, sir. I wear it on my hip.