Harriet: At 9:17 p.m., just a couple of hours before Ruth was murdered, a call came into the toy shop from 212-073-4309. The number that belonged to the residence of... Meyer Offerman.
Jonah: Meyer called Richter.
Harriet: Meyer gave the order. My deepest sorrows about your grandmother. Ruth had discovered Meyer was The Wolf.
Jonah: She figured it out.
Harriet: But before she could act... he got to her. Evil doesn't rest, Jonah. Evil doesn't retire. So why should we? How can we? We tell the stories of the past to change our future.

Adolf Hitler... on the count of crimes against peace, the tribunal finds you... guilty as charged. On the count of crimes against humanity -- guilty. On the count of common plan or conspiracy to commit murder... guilty. Adolf Hitler, you are hereby sentenced to lifetime imprisonment without the possibility of parole.


I never ordered the killing of any Jew. And no document or paper will tell you otherwise. You American killed your Native Americans, enslaved Africans. You Brits, you put the Boers into concentration camp. And you Soviets killed millions of people. And you sit there... to judge me?


Knock 'em dead.


It's true. I think we're ghosts. I think this is a ghost story.


Soldier: A Frau Olga Hiddenbrau claimed Helga Hansöm picked up from the market three whole ducks. That's a lot of birds for just two people.
Frau Hansom: Yes, of course. Quack, quack, quack. I seldom leave this house, but when I do, I buy extra and freeze them in the ice box.

Herr Hansöm, this is an uncomfortable inquiry for both you and Frau Hansöm. But I am sure it's a mix-up of some kind. But ask it still I must. We received a tip to our intelligence service, and I must ask as delicately and respectfully as I can... is there anyone else hiding in your home?


Once upon a time there was a man... who told a story about a man... who told a story about a man ...who told a story about... a house.


You don't deserve to choose how this ends. You need to be held accountable for the crimes that you've committed.


Chava: It's locked from the inside. How the fuck are we going to get in?
Mindy: I got this. A little bit of C-4 should do the trick. All right. Take cover. Cover your ears! Better safe than sorry!

Millie: Can we trust you, Joe?
Joe: Trust me? They fucking abandoned me! They never even looked for me! And you're wondering if you can trust me?

Harriet: I have a bad feeling about him. He's playing us like a fiddle. We can't trust him.
Millie: You think he let himself be captured intentionally? He shot Travis in the face. He's the only way we get to Hitler.

Hunters Quotes

Biff: Wait, wait, wait. You don't want to kill me. Believe me.
Jonah: Why not?
Biff: Because I-I-I can give you something. Someone. Someone far bigger than me.
Jonah: Eh, You're enough. After you, I'm done.
Biff: The biggest prize you could imagine. Adolf Hitler.

Oh, come on, my friends. You look as if you've seen a ghost.