You weren't a victim. You murdered her and you know what, I'd rather spend the rest of my life in here than help you. And when Murphy does get caught, I'll be right here waiting for her.


Murphy: Josh doesn't want to protect me, mom. He wants me to rot in prison for the rest of my life!
Joy: It's better than being dead!

Why are cops showing up at my door telling me you're involved with a murder case?!

Mrs. Mason

Felix: I can't leave you.
Murphy: What? You just thought I was gonna go to Canada and, like, fall in love with you? You're so pathetic. I'm so sorry I slept with you because Max wasn't around.

Felix: Jess is already dead, Murphy.
Murphy: You take that back.
Felix: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say it like that. Murphy, whoever came to the hospital to get Jess killed her.

Murphy: You know what really sucks, what really sucks? Ever since I've known you even when I hated your guts, I never felt disabled around you
Felix: What?
Murphy: You were a dick to me just like everyone else.

Have fun in Canada, you dick!


Eventually Murphy is going to come to terms with the fact that Jess is ... Jess is gone.


Jessica: This might be the only version you see of me again. You know that.
Murphy: Don't say that.

Lesley: You want me to house a bunch of criminals?
Felix: It's the kind of thing you do for someone you love.

I'm sort of tapped out on the humiliation for one night, so if we can just talk about anything else.


I actually believed that for once in my life someone chose me, but of course he didn't. Because no one ever chooses me.


In The Dark Quotes

It's the only time you don't have to feel blind, because we all do it with our eyes closed anyways.


Tinder date: God, you're so hot. Do you know how hot you are? Murphy: No.