Nia is my, uh, she's my sister.


Cop: Felix Bell, you're under arrest for the murder of Jeremy Davis.
Felix: What? Wait, did you say murder? Who is Jeremy Davis? 

Jess: Do you not get it, Murph? We're not good friends to each other. We don't know how to be.
Murphy: What does that mean?
Jess: It means that this is not a friendship. This is one giant codependent mess.

Sterling: I really thought I was doing the right thing.
Sam: No you didn't. But have fun explaining that to Nia.

Murphy Mason is done. 


I don't really have a choice, so sure. Let's go buy some heroin.


My brother has come a long way, and I think his sobriety may really stick this time.


Darnell: So you changed your mind about turning on Nia?
Murphy: Yeah, when you try and kill my best friend, not really gonna work with you anymore.

Ben: Thing is if you fire me, I'll tell everyone about the heroin you're hiding in the bathroom. Yeah. Certainly explains the IRS. The lack of customers and why you guys are so weird all the time. How about this, I keep my job, and I won't call the police on you. In fact, I want a raise. How's an extra 500 a week sound?
Felix: OK.
Ben: And um, it's probably a given, but I wouldn't tell my sister about this.
Felix: OK
Ben: See you tomorrow, boss.

Max: Are you insane?
Murphy: Max, it's you. I'll do anything to make sure that you're OK.

Max: This keeps happening, Murphy. Told you you should get a new one.
Murphy: Yeah. I probably should. I'm just not really great with change. I like what I like.

Max: Murphy...
Murphy: What?
Max: Nothing.

In The Dark Quotes

It's the only time you don't have to feel blind, because we all do it with our eyes closed anyways.


Tinder date: God, you're so hot. Do you know how hot you are? Murphy: No.