I legit wake up at like 3 o'clock in the afternoon.


I hear Snooki talking to Jionni on the phone she was upset, but The Situation is very good when it comes to relationship advice.


The girls are out and I'm starting to suspect they're not going to cook dinner.


Mike: You put the pasta in before it boils?
Deena: Don't worry, we got a drainer.

Sammi: These are like weird strawberries are these good like this?
Deena: Yeah those are like raspberries.

God. Everything is in another language.


Who comes to Italy to sleep? Not me.

Pauly D

If Jionni can't make Snooki happy, The Situation is happy to step up to the plate and hit a home run.


Making coffee in Italy is like making coffee in the 1600′s.


Where's the nearest bathroom. I'm trying not to piss in public. Again.


I definitely think Pauly and Deena are gonna smush, it just really comes down to timing.


I've [never] met a girl in my life that can just hook up and have no feelings. They always end up having feelings.

Pauly D

Jersey Shore Season 4 Quotes

[to Ronnie] I'm gonna tell you something. Nobody knows about this. Me and Snooki, we kind of hooked up. Two three months ago. She had the boyfriend and she was like 'Yeah, there's something there.'


[on Deena's chest] If these boobies could talk they would say, I'm a good time, I'm a blast in a bra.