Deena: I need a food.
Vinnie: You didn't eat enough last night?

Pauly D: Les-be-honest, does that turn you on?
Vinnie: No!

JWOWW: Deena is showing her kooka to the whole entire club.
Deena: What-ever! I forgot to put underwears on.
JWOWW: It's bad enough if a nipple slips when you're at the club, but you never f*cking forget your underwear. That is (yuck). All I know is, Deena needs a wax.

The guys right now, we don't think Team Meatball are going to make it to dinner tonight. Snooki and Deena are the meatballs, and they're not making it to the sauce.

Mike "The Situation"

I just spent $400 on Hello Kitty.


It looks like Hawaii, so I feel like it's an island. Or maybe it's like on the border of like a continent? You know what I mean, so it's like ocean?


JWOWW: How many guidos does it take to put luggage on a car?
Ronnie: Honestly, how can we have so many bags? We're going to a beach for 24 hours. We're not going to need clothes.

Ronnie: The girls packed four bags each. Mike packed like he's going to Miami for three weeks.
Pauly D: You do realize we got a Fiat, right?

Snooki: I blacked out. What happened?
JWoww: We were about to f$#king intervene your ass.
Snooki: You don't do a f%$king intervention. I'm not addicted to heroin, I'm just addicted to by boyfriends penis, that's all.

Falling drunk, you know it's like, F**K, and then you're bleeding, and you're like freaking all cut up.


Crazy legs comes out, and I'm killing it on the dance floor, and I eat it so hard that like I hurt my knee. But I just gotta keep dancing!


Team Meatballs attack!


Jersey Shore Season 4 Quotes

[to Ronnie] I'm gonna tell you something. Nobody knows about this. Me and Snooki, we kind of hooked up. Two three months ago. She had the boyfriend and she was like 'Yeah, there's something there.'


[on Deena's chest] If these boobies could talk they would say, I'm a good time, I'm a blast in a bra.