Helen: Unless you've got $50,000 I don't know about, we've got two options: We run or you kill Bo.

You can't kill someone for jerking off.

Dewey Crowe

Raylan: I need to convince her to get out of Kentucky.
Winona: And you think dumping her, handcuffed, at your ex-wife's house is going to do the trick?

Winona: She's not dead, is she?
Raylan: I hope not.

You are leaving with me if I have to arrest you and put you in handcuffs.


I'm a big girl, Raylan. I've been taking care of myself long before you rode in to town on your white horse.


Raylan, we're getting precipitously close to the moment I ask to have my lawyer present.


Boyd: Could you ask your friends to be a little more gentle with our belongings?
Raylan: Well, I could, but they're looking for a witness to murder, so I don't think they'll listen.

The only reason my son comes to Harlan is because of your son.


Mr. Givens, we're taking down the Crowders. You can either go with them or not.


Now Arlo, use your words.


Sometimes we have to make deals with lowlifes because we have our sights set on life forms even somehow lower on the ladder of lowlife than they.


Justified Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

I thought you met that night I shot you, but, of course, you were unconscious by the time he showed up.

Raylan (to Boyd)

Raylan, with all of this man power, are you looking for Osama Bin Laden? I'm fairly certain he's not here.