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The fallout from Boyd blowing up the meth lab trailer and accidentally killing one of the meth cookers is widespread.  To start the episode, the US Marshal’s office and the Kentucky State police raid Boyd’s camp and bring every member down to the station to interrogate them about the explosion.  They’re looking to pin the death on Boyd, but no one gives up any information.

Even without any hard information on Boyd or the explosion, Raylan and the US Marshall’s office still suspect that Boyd is working for his father, Bo, again.  Although Boyd denies the allegation, Raylan decides to dig deeper by visiting Hunter Mosley in prison.  Mosley does not have any information on Boyd, but tells Raylan that when Bo went to prison, he left his protection and collection business to Raylan’s father, Arlo, who promptly ran it into the ground.

While Raylan does not believe that Boyd is not working for his father, it turns out Boyd is telling the truth.  Bo goes to visit his son to pay him for blowing up the meth lab, but Boyd refuses the money and says he’s not interested in working for Bo.  Bo tells Boyd that since his explosion, people have been running to him for protection and business is up and running again.  Even the two meth lab cookers who were witnesses to the explosion want Bo’s protection.  Bo swears his protection, but promptly has them killed hours later.

After hearing about his father’s business venture while Bo was in prison, Raylan pays his father a visit to talk about taking over Bo’s business.  Arlo denies the allegation, but Raylan does not believe his father.  Shortly after Raylan’s visit, Arlo invites Bo over to his house to discuss Arlo ruining the business.  Arlo claims an old man like him couldn’t handle it and there’s no money left.  Bo doesn’t care and demands $50,000 by the next morning.

Raylan runs into Dewey Crowe, a new member of Boyd’s group, who confesses to Raylan that the meth lab that was destroyed was targeted because a former meth cooker, Bobby Jo Packer, had left to join with Boyd.  The US Marshal’s quickly rain down on Boyd’s camp again, but Crowe tipped off Boyd and they are able to hide Packer from the authorities.  After they leave, Boyd tells Packer that he needs to do a very large favor for Boyd.  Packer promptly turns himself in to the US Marshal’s office and confesses to the meth lab explosion.

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Justified Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

I thought you met that night I shot you, but, of course, you were unconscious by the time he showed up.

Raylan (to Boyd)

Raylan, with all of this man power, are you looking for Osama Bin Laden? I'm fairly certain he's not here.