Stop being so fucking pathetic! You're the boss, then show it! Stop stamping your feet and shouting and do something!


Let me know when he's dead. I'll send some fucking flowers.


Everything I am, everything I've built, all of it, is dependent on one thing -- that people know I'm fucking ruthless.


I'm negotiating. You're a businessman. You know how it works.


You're too busy sucking cock to run this family properly.


I'm your solicitor, not your therapist.


Give me that gun. I'll show you how it's done. I'll blow your fucking face off.


Amanda: We need to end this thing?
Michael: How?
Amanda: Chop the head off the snake.

Michael: Are you trying to blow everything up?
Amanda: Boom.

Michael: I take it she doesn't know you're meeting me.
Anna: Are you joking? She thinks you're the Devil.

Are you not listening? Frank's told you what he's decided.


Angela: I have a question you can ask: "Show me who I've become."

Kin Quotes

Don't tell me to calm down, you know that winds me up even more.


Nikki: Michael. He's quieter than I thought. He's real shy or something.
Eric: He's not shy when you cross him.