Healing begins when someone bears witness. I saw you. I believe you.


I'm not going to chase you. I will shoot your ass from right here.


Truth can be the best medicine.

Prince Miller

The thing that scares me in cases like this, there's always another shoe.


Go home. Talk to somebody you love. And don't make this job your whole life.


Benson: How's the new assignment?
Huang: Single, gay, Chinese-American man living in Oklahoma City opposed to the death penalty - it's heaven.

Suspect: You ever use your handcuffs in bed?
Rollins: You ever get laid without paying for it?

Distasio: On the word of a maid.
Finn: My grandmother was a maid.

This is a whole different world, Serpico. Not everyone has the stomach for it.

Benson to Amaro

DNA is like God - it's everywhere.


Little secret - I can be a little testy when I work with new people.


It is better to live a life of infamy, than a life of obscurity.