"I know, I don't have to be afraid. But I am because look at you. All of you. You're gods, and someday you are going to wake up and realize you don't have to listen you us anymore."

The Interrogator

"You were right-- about David-- he's a world-breaker. And if you'd killed him, before he figured that out, then maybe your tactical forces and... What is it..? World coalition? Maybe that would have impressed me. But not now."

Dr. Melanie Bird

David Haller: "Just let me talk to him. We have... a rapport."
Syd Barrett: "He tried to kill you. Twice."
David Haller: "To be fair, the second time he was just going to kill you. And, anyway, with that kind of think wars would never end."

I've tried making you comfortable. I let you have your friends, your woman, but the fact is it's too much work. And honestly, all I really need is your body. And your mind? Well, I could give a shit about your mind.

Lenny [to David]

Kerry: Careful, I bite.
The Eye: I do, too.

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Maybe this place, this hospital, maybe it's a version of reality, and not reality itself.

Syd [to David]

Syd: I can't stay here.
David: Not even for me?

Ptonomy: Everyone loves dogs.
David: Not me.

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Look, I know you're just trying to help, but this just doesn't for some reason feel real.

Syd [to Lenny]

David: My whole life is a lie. I just need to know-who am i?
Amy: You were adopted.

Loudermilk: I mean split mind. This monster isn't David. It's a parasite of some kind. You see, another consciousness inside him.
Melanie: What does that mean?
Loudermilk: This thing burrowed into David's brain when he was a boy, maybe even a baby, and has been there, feeding off him ever since.
Ptonomy: The memories?
Loudermilk: Memories, exactly! Every time David sees this thing, or realizes it's there, this creature makes him forget-rewrites his memory.
Melanie: Is that why we couldn't see it?
Loudermilk: I think so.

So much power. It wears a human face. Be careful, he wears a human face.

Head of Division 3

Legion Season 1 Quotes

Something new needs to happen - soon.


David: It's just Thursday. Like the 260th Thursday as a passenger on the cruise ship "Mental Health." On the plus side I've mastered eating with a spoon.
Amy: You're getting better. The voices - you're not seeing things that aren't there?