Loudermilk: I mean split mind. This monster isn't David. It's a parasite of some kind. You see, another consciousness inside him.
Melanie: What does that mean?
Loudermilk: This thing burrowed into David's brain when he was a boy, maybe even a baby, and has been there, feeding off him ever since.
Ptonomy: The memories?
Loudermilk: Memories, exactly! Every time David sees this thing, or realizes it's there, this creature makes him forget-rewrites his memory.
Melanie: Is that why we couldn't see it?
Loudermilk: I think so.

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Legion Season 1 Episode 5: "Chapter 5"
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Legion Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

David: I think I know what I am.
Syd: You do?
David: I'm the magic man. It's OK. It's OK. Just want you to know-I found a way for us to be together.

I met your husband. He was a beat poet?

David [to Melanie]