Hunting the head of a cartel? That's a suicide mission.


Trish: What does your gut tell you?
Murtaugh: My gut tells me I need an antacid.

The truck didn't kill her. She was still breathing. I had to put my hand over her mouth. And that my friend is the story of how your wife died. The end.


Ronnie: I'm sorry, Martin. I didn't mean for it to end this way.
Riggs: C'mon, Ronnie. It was supposed to end this way.

You caught a whale, Riggs. Doesn't mean you can keep him.


We've got what we in the forensic sciences call diddly squat.


There are certain things a man must learn before he sets out into the world. One of them being how to survive on his own.


You and I need to be alone in the woods so I can download all this man knowledge.


Nobody's career's over today.


Gideon: A more interesting question would be: what did she like, you know, at the end? Did she die on impact or gurgle her last few breaths?

Trish: Come to bed.
Murtaugh: I can't. There's something I gotta do.

Life moves in one direction, Martin. You should move with it.