Nate: Why did you come to me?
Sterling: Because you're the best thief I have ever seen, I couldn't risk anything less.

Sophie: So the salt was plan B?
Nate: Plan M actually.
Hardison: Don't I usually die in Plan M? How many plans do I die in?
Nate: C, F, and Q thru M

Hardison: Parker that sounded like ball bearings rolling across the floor.
Parker: Uh Huh.
Hardison: Was that because it *was* ball bearings rolling across the floor?
Parker: Uh Huh.

Parker: Quick and light, that's how I survived. You slow me down, you kill me.
Hardison: You had to be quick because you were alone. If you get caught, that's it, I get it. But you're not alone anymore, you have a team. You have me. I gotcha, I gotcha girl.

It's like I am the human Hulk. PARKER SMASH!


Nate: Eliot, try not to kill Sterling, we might need him later.
Eliot: I can't promise that!

Hardison: When you say "we" you really mean "me". I don't even know what this thing is, how am I supposed to hack it?
Nate: That's a very good question Hardison, I'm sure you will have it figured out by tomorrow.

Hardison: Because of its atomic mass, this thing is the nuclear version of "the one ring"
Sophie: Ring? What ring?
Nate: Don't get him started.

Nate: You still haven't said what's in it for me.
Sterling: I will owe you a favor. How often does that happen?

Chesney: It seems you killed me after all Mr. Ford.
Nate: I didn't kill you, God killed you. I just made sure it took.

Sophie: You just told him your name!
Nate: I want him to know my name.

I don't care what anyone says; next time I am taking the train.


Leverage Season 4 Quotes

Pay enough they will carry you to the top, literally.


Nate: Ok, let's go steal a mountain.
Parker: Again.
Nate: What?
Parker: Yeah, we stole a mountain two years ago.