The Underground Job Clip

On the Leverage episode titled "The Underground Job," Nate and company come up against a corrupt coal mine owner. They'll have to go to extreme lengths to shut him down. Watch a clip now.

The Studio Job Promo

TNT airs a new episode of Leverage on July 18, 2010. Check out a preview now for "The Studio Job."

The Double Blind Job Promo

An evil pharmaceutical CEO is the target of this episode. He plans to distribute a deadly drug for big profits, but the team is having none of that!

Leverage Episode Previews

Leverage will air two episodes on Sunday, June 27. You can get a preview of them both in this video. Enjoy!

The Jailhouse Job Clips

Nate is in jail when season three of Leverage kicks off. Check out these clips from the opening episode of that season, titled "The Jailhouse Job."

Leverage Clip

Christian Kane goes shirtless on the second episode of Leverage's second season. He also gets his big-time fight on. Check it out.

The Stork Job Clip

Here's a clip from the sixth episode of Leverage. The installment is titled "The Stork Job" and it focuses on an adoption agency that's scamming couples out of their money.

The Wedding Job Clip

Are you a fan of the show Leverage? Here's a clip from the series' fifth episode, titled "The Wedding Job."

The Miracle Job Clip

Here's a sneak peek at Leverage. The TNT drama stars Timothy Hutton and this is a clip from the show's fourth episode, "The Miracle Job."

Leverage Sneak Peek

The third episode of Leverage is titled "The Two-Horse Job." Enjoy this two-minute, sneak peek at the installment.

Leverage Quotes

Alec: I'm just very good at what I do.
Parker: This is the score! The score!
Alec: Age of the geek, baby.
Eliot: Somebody kiss this man so I don't have to.

Eliot: He tried to kill us.
Parker: More importantly he didn't pay us.
Eliot: How is that more important?
Parker: I take that personally.
Eliot: There's somethin' wrong with you.