Yeah but what subway line comes out here?


Griffin: Wake up Nico, magazines are going to be collectors items
Nico: Then I'm going to have a very profitable career on ebay

Wendy: You don't tell someone about a surprise party before they walk in
Victory: Yeah but you should probably tell them after it's canceled

Wendy: What's with the credit card?
Nico: I'm using it to cut the chocolate
Victory: What, are we gonna snort it?

Define appetite in this part of the world, I'm starving ... I've heard of baby vegetables, but those were embryos


Victory: Is that a juice bar because I just see mixers in there
B&B Owner: It's a spa, you drink liquor, you age quicker

Victory: Umm is that the bar?
B&B Owner: Yes it is and it's all inclusive so whatever you want
Victory: Oh, you may regret that you just said that

Victory: How many bags did you pack?
Wendy: Two, but they were smaller.. and I'm taller

We're not boarding the orient express, we're spending 72 hours in the sticks

Nico [after seeing how much Victory packed]

Victory: I don't deserve to be pampered, I need to be horse whipped
Nico: That might cost extra
Wendy: I'll cover the tip

Wendy: I really think you should eat, you look weak
Victory: I want a margarita

It's not high school, I can't just quit cheerleading because you don't like the captain


Lipstick Jungle Quotes

Wow this is something. You could play contact sports in this living room. Don't tell me you already have

Tina [entering Nico's apartment]

Don't looked so shocked Janice. I had to come here that's friends do for each other. You'd know if you had any.