Russell: Well, it's eleven am, and we have put away a drug lord and a corrupt foreign minister. That's efficiency.
Elizabeth: You should take the rest of the day off, Russell. Maybe catch a yoga class.
Russell: That's...the funniest thing you've ever said to me.

Blake: Do I put you firing me into your calendar?
Elizabeth: Yeah, please do.

Blake, I'm gonna do you a favor. In one year, I'm gonna fire you. [Blake laughs] No, I'm serious.


Elizabeth: There isn't a phrase that scares me more than "something needs to be done."
Henry: Why?
Elizabeth: It means no one really knows what to do.

Henry: Well that's a hell of an accusation.
Morejon:I don't hear you denying it.
Henry: Of secret thing, I am silence.
Morejon: You always quote the bible when you're backed into a corner?
Henry: That's the Bhagavad Gita, actually.
Morejon: Go with smug. Fine.

Realtor: And this is the second bedroom.
Edie: Kind of perfect for to start a family.
Blake: That's a little cart before the horse.
Edie: You'll find someone. Blake is bisexual, so twice the playing field.

Stevie: Do you want a drink?
Dmitri: Um, no, I don't. Just a club soda.
Stevie: A Russian who doesn't drink?
Dmitri: Yeah. That's, uh, that's why they kicked me out.

Both my parents work for the government, so if I avoided everyone that they work with, I would have to leave town to date and...just live life in general.


Mexico is our neighbor, and one of our most reliable allies and trade partners. We can't just force them into rooting out corruption. It's like having a best friend who won't stop robbing banks.


Elizabeth: Usually, those private sector guys, they hate working with the government.
Kat: Tell me about it. So, I facebooked Fisk. Found he's deep into Neal Stephenson.
Elizabeth: That doesn't ring a bell.
Kat: Yeah, no, sci-fi author. He wrote Cryptonomicon. Anathem? Um, Seveneves? Wow, still no bells. Okay. Now I know your Christmas gift.

We have been in this relationship for years. It's time I met your parents, Blake.


My parents are private sector people. They... To their mind, leaving finance to go work for the government was like blasting a fire hose full of money off a cliff into the abyss.


Madam Secretary Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Elizabeth: Are you okay?
Blake: Yes, why?
Elizabeth: Well, your blazer is unbuttoned.

Dalton: Do you know how many American servicemen died in Vietnam, Bess?
Elizabeth: Uh, 58,000?
Dalton: 58,220. In a war that lasted more than ten years. Do you know how many Americans died of drug overdoses last year?
Elizabeth: Well...
Dalton: 64,000. Mostly from opioids. It's the worst public health crisis in a century.