They say in the moment before you die, you see your life, a span of film strip, bad, good, nightmares, and dreams unfolding before you.


Olivia: So you going to kill someone here?
Mary: It's a closed event. Loved ones only.
Olivia: I can respect that.

Olivia: How many people are you planning to kill?
Des: As many as possible. Gonna kill them by the bucketload.
Mary: With their consent.
Olivia: Your compassion is inspiring.

Mary: You know where to find me.
Annie: Yeah, but I'm not dumb enough to go there.
Mary: So is this goodbye?
Annie: Hardly. You and Des still owe me fifty grand.

Death gives life meaning. Let's agree on that. Let's agree that life is precious because it ends.

Brendan: Marigolds. They're the flower of The Day of the Dead.
Germaine: Well, that's on point.
Brendan: They're perfect. It's okay, babe, I'm only dying.

Des: You know, I never saved a life before.
Mary: How did it feel?
Des: Like death. But messier.

Nicole: How do you know when it's the right thing to do?
Des: Because... we don't decide. Our patients do.

Nicole: Joy used to say that the pain was inevitable but the suffering was optional.
Des: (laughting) I'm sorry. Her name was Joy?
Nicole: Yeah. Joy. The suicidal mother of two.

Remember to always love as deeply as you can.


Nicole: You sneaky little bitch. You got laid, didn't you?
Mary: I don't want to talk about it.
Nicole: The best part about bad sex is actually talking about it.
Mary: It wasn't bad. It was great. But it's complicated.
Nicole: Because of your side job?
Mary: And his day job.
Nicole: You're lovers... in a dangerous time.

Death isn't bad. It doesn't have to be. It's part of life. And you can say good-bye the way you want. Life your death as you would your life.

Mary Kills People Quotes

Mary: Y'know, sometimes I don't know if you're a compassionate doctor or a serial killer
Des:... says the woman who just smothered a man with a pillow

We're afraid because we don't know what to expect.... but just because there's uncertainty doesn't mean that there's anything to fear