Vega: You saved two lives today Akeela. Most people go their whole lives without ever hearing that said to them.
Akeela: I could get used to it.

Vega: Maloney is biking back on Cherry Hill. That's why there's no history or motive with him and Massero.
Dash: It's not premeditated, they're only going to meet once.
Vega: On that road.

Dash: You're saying Lina was having an affair with Trevor Maloney?
Vega: I hope so, because if she was we found Massero's motive.

Agatha: We need someone on the inside.
Arthur: Inside? The NSA. Department of Defense. Yeah sure, I'll call a guy.
Agatha: I know someone.
Arthur: You do?
Agatha: Yes. You forget where I live.
Arthur: Actually, I don't. You live on the island of misfit toys, filled with people running away from the government not those in it.

Vega: Massero's going to hang himself.
Dash: A suicide? That's not possible. Is it?
Wally: Dr. Hineman always said it wasn't death you three picked up on, but the quantum fallout of two forces clashing. A murderer. A victim.
Vega: And in English that means?
Dash: Precogs don't see suicides, someone has to be responsible.

Arthur: Finally get a job?
Dash: Yes, I'll be working for the police.
Arthur: I'm sorry. Again?
Dash: You heard me right.
Arthur: Are you trying to get us caught?
Vega: This is the best way to keep that from happening.
Arthur: No, the best way would be for you to disappear from both of our lives.

Blake: Laura, this is gonna be big. Maybe as big as PreCrime.
Vega: PreCrime failed, catastrophically.
Blake: And before that it saved thousands.

Dash: Agatha thinks I'm putting all of us at risk by doing this. That you're just using me. Arthur thinks that you're hot, but I'm an idiot; naive.
Vega: What do you think?
Dash: Rule 4.
Vega: Rule 4?
Dash: There's no such thing as a perfect partner. If it's trust you want, look in the mirror.

Blake: I've been cleaning up your mess all week on the Rutledge case.
Vega: Mess? I stopped a terrorist attack.
Blake: Yeah and you killed two suspects without your body camera operational. The feds are asking questions.
Vega: Like?
Blake: How you did all that, alone?

Arthur: Our only power, that we have in this world, is what we see Dash. We need to use it, not throw it away on strangers.
Dash: I'm trying to save lives.
Arthur: Yeah I already did that, during the decade we spent in the milk bath.

Vega: The only way to take him off the streets for good, is to catch him red handed with his victim.
Dash: By using her as bait? What if you mess up? Huh? What if you can't stop it?
Vega: I will.
Dash: I didn't realize you could see the future too.

Vega: You're not a cop.
Dash: I'm coming with you.
Vega: Because that worked out so well last time. I'm sorry Dash, you're not fit to be in the field. I don't trust you out there.
Dash: I saved your life.
Vega: And I don't know how many times I can thank you for that, but you also killed someone Dash. You need to process that.
Dash: I know. I will. I am.

Minority Report Quotes

Dash: You know how much I see out here. If I can just get to one in time.
Agatha: You can't. You know that. Your gift is incomplete without your brother.

Vega: Can you believe we used to stop this stuff before it happened?
Akeela: Unfortunately, PreCrime was way before our time girl.