Greg: The only way to protect Naomi from Brutus, is to keep her hidden. Her destiny will destroy her.
Zumbado: You asked me not to tell Naomi the truth. And I respected that. But keeping it from her, lying to her has only put her in greater danger. I accept my role in that. But it's time you and Jennifer do the same. Before it's too late.

Zumbado: You're asking for my help.
Greg: I'm asking for my daughter. Keeping Naomi safe is all that matters. Even if she hates me.

Akira: Some truths are very painful.
Naomi: I already know that.

Akira: You were right. Naomi is special. I understand that now. But that doesn't mean she's ready.
Zumbado: Is anyone truly ever ready?
Akira: Does she know what's coming?
Zumbado: Some. But not all.
Akira: The fate of an entire planet would be too much for anyone to bear, but especially for a sixteen-year-old girl.
Zumbado: She's stronger than you think, Akira.
Akira: It's not a question of strength. Brutus believes her to be a threat to his very existence. He will not stop until he's killed her.
Zumbado: We won't let that happen.

Annabelle: Your parents are aliens?
Naomi: I know.
Annabelle: Is this what it feels like to go through an existential crisis? I thought I wouldn't have one til my twenties.

War is coming, Akira. I suggest you choose the winning side.


He knows about Naomi. f


Dee: Why is murder fun?
Annabelle: I blame late-stage capitalism.

Annabelle: Dee! That suit is tight!
Dee: Yes, it is.

Naomi: You know you can be honest with me, right? About anything.
Nathan: Yeah, I know that.
Naomi: And if you're keeping some kind of secret, you can tell me, even if it's hard.
Nathan: Everyone has secrets.

Zumbado: So you want to go to their party?
Dee: Yes.
Zumbado: Dressed like that?
Dee: Is there a problem?
Zumbado: Do you own anything else that's not black?
Dee: This is charcoal.

There were three people on Naomi's block that night, which means we have three suspects. Nathan, Anthony, and Lourdes.


Naomi Quotes

Babe, I say this with all the love in my heart, you gotta get a grip. I’ve never seen you like this.

Annabelle [to Naomi]

Naomi: Lourdes keeps texting me about the Superman thing.
Greg: Wait, Lourdes? Wait, which one is she again?
Jennifer: Purple hair. She has a crush on Naomi.
Naomi: Mom!
Greg: Does that mean no more Nathan?
Jennifer: They broke up last month. I thought you were dating Anthony.
Naomi: Can we please not talk about this?