Jane: You might want to call Hanna. He's worried about you.
Callen: It's nice to know he still cares.

Jesse: I like you less every time we meet.
Miller: Too bad. I find you charming.

Hey, guys. Since we're all friends now, can we lower our weapons?

Whistler [to Callen and Kai]

Parker: Friends don't point guns at other friends.
Jesse: I'd stand by that.

What? I garden.


Jesse: I know why we can't track Cano.
Parker: So much for our one good lead.

I just need creative space. ... It's not a metaphor.

Ernie [to those crowding his desk]

Jesse: Parker, how are you here? I left DC hours before you.
Parker: Took an FBI plane.
Kai: You guys have a plane?
Whistler: A fleet of them, actually.
Parker: Always avoid commercial when you can.

Jimmy: I can't believe they got you too, what with all your training.
Sam: There was four of them. I made an impression on each one but they did have tasers.

Jimmy: You think we've been renditioned?
Jane: No. That's what the government says when they take terrorists. Let's call this being kidnapped.
Jimmy: That does not make me feel any better.
Jane: I call it like I see it.
Jimmy: Or, in this case, like you don't see it.

Jason: Kill me.
Torres: No, I promised Parker he'd be seeing you.

Lucy: You made it!
Torres: Barely. 12 hours in a sea one thirty.
Ernie: Grateful for the Navy, but you'd think they'd offer some kind of snack. I'm starving.

NCIS: Hawai'i Quotes

Kid: Mom, I don't know anything about soccer.
Jane: They don't care. Just have fun, okay? Go be with the team, I love you.

Ladies and gentlemen, please clear the field. We need everyone to move back to the parking lot. Bring all your stuff with you.