One can never underestimate the stupidity or the appetite of a goat.


Knave: Well basically, we could die or we could run.
Alice: I don't particularly care for the first one.

Or we could just pick him up by the feet, dangle him from a cliff until he tells us everything that he knows.


There's a thing called the front door, darling. You really should try it sometime.

The Red Queen

If we succeed, the impossible will be possible.

The Red Queen

You will meet the fate you've earned. The fate you deserve.

Robin Hood

Don't worry. I'm good with monsters.

Knave of Hearts

Alice: There has to be another way out of this.
Knave of Hearts: The only way out seems to be through his digestive tract.

Robin Hood: You'd steal a pitchfork from the devil himself.
Knave of Hearts: And be out of Hell before he realized it was gone.

Alice: What do you know about the Grendel?
Knave: Nothing pleasant.

Don't get all mushy Alice. I'm doing this for me. This thief's going to clear his name.

Knave of Hearts

You should really bathe your prisoners from time to time. This one's beginning to smell.

The Red Queen