Belle: If you were pure evil, like the Queen, then maybe I could forgive you, because that's all you could be. But you, you do feel love, and you could be a good man if you tried. You want your son's love? Don't take it - be worthy of it.
Rumple: What if I fail?
Belle: Listen to yourself! That's just you all over, isn't it? Afraid of failing. That's worse than being evil. That's - that's just being too weak to be good.

You say you always find her. Start looking, shepherd; let's see what happens when you do.

Evil Queen

Snow: Blue said that it was created from True Love; maybe that's just what it does, shows you your own True Love?
Charming: As if we needed reminding.

Remember who you are; the product of True Love.


Hook: Now, you're worried about your parents, and that's making this worse, but they're gonna alright. They'll find that magic little baby tree thing and defeat the Evil Queen.
Emma: They're gonna find that magic little tree thing.

It's good to be on an adventure with you again.

Mary Margaret

Regina: The Evil Queen and Gold's alliance, there may be more to it than business. Rumple and I - there was always a certain amount of chemistry.
Emma: Regina, oh my god.
Regina: I know, I know, nothing ever happened. But I think we can use this to our advantage.

The Evil Queen's finally got us.

Mary Margaret

Sleeping Snow is my favorite Snow.

Evil Queen