They're not building roads. They're building walls. This is not the United States of America.


We go crazy now and we are exactly what they say we are, a bunch of animals. That's not me. That is not you. Maybe the time comes when we to war against the whole fucking world. But tonight, we got something more important to do. So you come with me. We walk. We walk with dignity. We take down our brother, Diego, and we bury him. We show this city exactly who we are. Familia.

Fly Rico

This isn't the time for peacemakers, mi amor.


Dottie: They break your heart, don't they, these kids?
Maria: Every day.

You don't hate them. You don't hate anybody. You let hatred into your heart, hate is like a hungry rat. It devours everything else until there is no love for anything or anyone. And then... and then you are lost.


Look at me. You can see the cracks, can't you? I can feel them all the time. I'm trying to hold myself together but I simply can't endure being Molly and Sister Molly anymore. They hate each other now.


Tiago: Dia de los Muertos. Day of the Dead. That's what we call it. We all go to the cemetery and toast the relatives. My father, my brother Tomas, my sister Gina, who both died before Mateo was born. We light candles, and drink, and tell stories.
Molly: In an actual cemetery?
Tiago: But it's not sad. It's more like a celebration. We reach out to the dead and tell them we love them. And maybe they reach out to us.

Dottie: Don't you worry about me, Lewis. I'm teaching the kid mah-jong.
Lewis: Jesus, don't start betting. He's a math genius, remember?
Dottie: No one takes Mrs. Minter's little girl to the cleaners, hun.

Do let me make one thing inescapably clear. The reason I'm not supporting you isn't because you're a fat, ugly, queer. It's because you're weak and I never back a losing horse.

Jerome Townsend

Rico: I tell you, baby. You've got your brother's moves.
Josefina: I tell YOU, baby. I've also got his back.

Molly: We walk up and down this beach and we stay inside the cottage so no one will see us. It's like we're in prison.
Tiago: I guess we are.

Elsa: I so hoped we could be friends.
Maria: You might as well howl to the moon.

Penny Dreadful: City of Angels Quotes

All Mankind needs to be the monster he truly is is being told he can.


There will come a time when the world is ready for me. When nation will battle nation. When race will devour race. When brother will kill brother. Until not a soul is left. Are you ready? And on that day, a leader will arise and set all the kingdoms to war and all the races, one against the other. A day when the Dark Powers are coming into alignment and the world is ready to burn. And all it will take is one final spark.