You might be the only person to join the army to feel safe.

Iesha [to Jukebox]

Raq: Not everything meant to go out into the world, Lou. Some shit needs to stay close.
Lou-Lou: I'm speaking on feelings, Raq. My feelings. Shit that belong to me. Shit that matter to me.

Pop: If you gonna take the shot, you can't miss.
Ronnie: Wasn't me shooting.

Iesha: So, what does this mean for you and me?
Jukebox: I didn't even know there was a you and me until today.
Iesha: Now you do.
Jukebox: Now I do.

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Pop: This shit about to be a world fucking war.
Snaps: Not for Switzerland, it's not.
Pop: And we Switzerland.
Snaps: Until we're not.

Raq: You know Ronnie don't see the world like normal people, Kanan.
Kanan: I trust him more than I trust you.
Raq: I killed his own brother.

Your daughter's dead, Gerald. Because of you. And I'll probably end up in the pen because of you, too. Everything you've done, you've done for yourself. You ain't no friend. You ain't no kind of father, neither. You ain't shit.


Pop: That boy got mad issues.
Snaps: Yeah, he do. Two of em. You and me, baby.

Lou-Lou: Here come the black widow.
Raq: There goes the black eye.

Ronnie: This is about Raq.
Joaquin: This is about me.

Ronnie: You going to the fucking mall when we don't got no business no more?
Kanan: You don't need to worry about what the fuck I'm doing.

Krystal: What was that?
Kanan: That's my mother's bullshit. Just like always.