Unique: They say most romances start at the office. Hands bumping into each other at the water cooler and what not. I'm just wondering if you ever favor me like that.
Raq: We ain't got no water cooler. And the last time I checked, you and me we was trying to kill each other for a hot second.
Unique: Well, you know what they say, it's a thin line.

Burke: Executed. Both of them.
Howard: Executions feels like a stretch to me. They're crackheads, Burke. They most likely died over crackhead stuff.



Burke: Laverne!
Jukebox: Of course, it's you.
Burke: What can I say? I guess I'm your guardian angel.
Jukebox: A white cop as my guardian angel. That shit don't sit right.

You know you fighting above your weight class, Juliana. You punching up it ain't about whether you can throw. It's how you take.


We, um, we gotta take care of each other, Juke. We all we got.


Raq: You and me reach an agreement? I'll handle Cartier.
Traymont: Nah, we ain't got no agreement until Cartier is handled.

I think that bitch's blood may run colder than Cartier's. And that's truly saying some shit.


Cartier: You two don't even trust each other.
Raq: We family.
Cartier: Bitch. Fuck you, and fuck your family.

Jimmy: You don't want...
Lou-Lou: Yeah, I do.

Jukebox: You can't do good for me and nobody else until you do good for you.
Marvin: Working on that, girl. I'm working on me.

I don't do charity, Lou. And now that we're in business together, neither do you.


Power Book III: Raising Kanan Quotes

Jess: What the fuck are you doing, Lou?
Lou-Lou: Raq must be out her goddamn mind.
Jess: Lou, you can not leave. Your lungs are all fucked up and shit. They said you'd be here for at least another five days. You ain't got shit to do with none of this. You've been in the hospital.
Lou-Lou: I gotta get to my sister. Understand what the fuck going on.

Kanan: I gotta be away from you, though.
Raquel: Your life is my life. I fly, you fly.