Ghost lost his goddamn mind.

Tommy [to Tasha]

Mr. Proctor: Okay, look, you know me. I'm good for it. But I can't afford to pay you right now.
Julio: What exactly do you think happens next here?
Mr. Proctor: Guessing some sort of physical pain, right? But here's the thing, I'm a white lawyer in a Wall Street office. And you are a Puerto Rcan drug dealer.
Julio: I'm Cuban, you dumb fuck.

Kanan: Ghost and Tommy got a revolt going on they hands, man.
Dre: Think we should tell them?
Kanan: Hell no. Right now, we three moves ahead of Ghost. Right where we wanna be.

It's not safe anymore. Once I get my money from Ghost, I'm going to get out.


Ghost: You want to get out of the hood?
Dre: Doesn't everybody?
Ghost: Not Kanan. Offered him a job, he said no thanks, went right back to them streets. Some people, ya know, only believe in what they can see.
Dre: Well, I can see you. You ain't from here no more.

Tommy: You should have let me kill her!
Tasha: No, Ghost says that he needs Angela alive for his plan to work. But as soon as this is over, that bitch is catching a bullet from my gun, not yours.

I trust you. It's her I don't trust. She's the problem, G. You've been fucking her this whole time, telling her you're going to leave Tasha. Well, you did. You left Tasha and she's still coming after us. Don't you get it? When you gonna realize you ain't in control of the situation no more. No plan of yours is going to stop until she gets what she fucking wants.


Shawn: Tasha, I'm ready to do whatever it takes to be with you.
Tasha: Good.

Ghost: Angela isn't that simple, Tasha. Great sex ain't going to keep her from thinking for herself.
Tasha: Then you need to outthink her, just like you did me.

Holly: Listen, when you and Ghost are working, I want you to be careful, okay? I mean, if you ever got hurt or arrested, I don't know what I'd do without you.
Tommy: Awe, I'm too smart to get shot.
Holly: Thanks.
Tommy: No problem. And I'm too smart to get caught. Prison is for assholes.

Who do you choose? Ghost or me?

Holly [to Tommy]

Tommy, I can save us by giving them Ghost.


Power Quotes

Tommy: The only reason you calling me now is because you ain't got nobody. That's why you lost today.
Ghost: Tommy, I say we put our differences aside and take Jason down together.
Tommy: Go fuck yourself. And the next time I see you, Imma cancel Christmas on your ass.

It's like we used to say. They ain't see shit, we ain't say shit, so it ain't shit.