(to Ned) Your thing is waking up dead people. My thing is finding dead people for you to wake up.


(about Lefty) That one-armed bitch was speedy


Ned: Care to dance?
Chuck: Yes, please.

Ned: You know what our problem is?
Chuck: If you're referring to the touching thing, I see it as more of an obstacle than a problem.
Ned: It's a pretty big obstacle.
Chuck: Not compared to our others problems.
Ned: We've got other problems?
Emerson: I'm going to kill myself.

No, actually I want to talk about this. I could let it go, but like the cat, it will come back, which I wouldn't call annoying but, there's no really great way of saying half-annoying, which it is a little bit.


Lefty: Jackson was my prison bunkmate.
Vivian: Is bunkmate a euphemism for...?
Lefty: Not in this case, ma'am.

Lefty: I'm sorry, was that guy your boyfriend? The guy who took a step back and let you fall?
Chuck: It was actually a really affectionate gesture. In context

I was born into the life of windmillery.


Hand up!

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I'm sure it's just the mailman. Or a windmill-to-windmill salesman.


Chuck: We're like everyone else in the world.
Ned: Except I still can't catch you.
Emerson: We're taking two cars next time.

NARM. National Area of Retired Mills.


Pushing Daisies Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

It's dead. And it's a bird. It's diseased.


Chuck: You do realize that bee keeping within city limits is completely illegal?
Ned: Yes. And I'm almost sure I don't care.