I was right, Patrona. We were crazy to think we could have something different in this life.


Oksana: The good news is that you have his attention. The bad news is that you have his attention.
Teresa: So we’re in business with Kostya?
Oksana: Yes, for better or for worse.

Marcel: The judge is down but he’s not out.
Pote: As long as he’s breathing he’s going to be a problem for us.
Teresa: If he loses his power, he’s just a man and a man can be killed.

Teresa: I run a drug cartel.
Eddie: Are you serious?
Teresa: Every minute you spend with me you are in danger. I need you to go away. Don’t come back.

Pote: Phoenix, Atlanta, Miami, now New York. We’ve doubled our operation in three months. That’s a lot to keep an eye on.
George: Hey, no risk it, no biscuit.

Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Davis: You’re the only person she wanted to talk to. She tried to call you just before Randall pulled her from the truck.
Javier: It was Randall who killed her?
Davis: He does all the dirty work.

Oksana: Kostya is a very cautious man. It is rare that he meets somebody face to face. He does not trust people outside his circle.
Teresa: I understand that.
Oksana: I do not think you do, Teresa. If Kostya pays you a surprise visit, he’s the last person you will ever see.