Pote: Camila didn't do her dirty work.
Teresa: Yeah, but I don't want to do business like her. She treats life cheaply.

That damn guy is crazier than a goat.


Boaz: It's my business now. The only reason I'm giving you a cut is because Epifanio was a gentleman.
Camila: You're not giving me anything. I'm receiving a part of the cut because I am the governor and that's the way it's done. That's the way it’s always been done. You see there's nothing new in our business, my friend. Not even you.

Teresa: You don't handle numbers or negotiating. I do.
Pote: Who said anything about negotiating?

Camila: This business and the wealth it generates may someday fall to you to handle.
Isabela: Not if Cortez steals it from you first.

There are people in my state who have doubts about my competence. There are those who think that a woman isn't worthy to fill her husband's shoes. You deliver Boaz to your superiors and you will be reinstated and my approval ratings will soar. It works well for both of us.


I'm sure you've heard the saying the ends justify the means. Most people think that's cruel. In my case, it's another day at the office. Lucky for me, I have people who handle the means.


I hope she's living in a hole like a rat.


If Epifanio were still here he would tell you to relax. Don't worry about business. Instead, enjoy the fruits of your womanhood.


Dallas is mine. The only deal that goes on here is with you in the grave.


Epifanio: This means that your name will be cleared and that you no longer have to be afraid. Camila, I am done with this business. Stay with us in Culiacán, mi amor. Be a mother to Isabela. Be my wife. Let's be a family before the world tries to tear us apart again. What do you say?
Camila: Okay.

There can only be one queen.


Queen of the South Quotes

Remember, in revenge as well as love, a woman is more barbaric than any man. We're the same. Never forget that.


I want you to know that killing you is an honor for me. That's why I chose to kill you the way you killed La Mancha. That's what I call killing with class, with elegance. The end of your days, my friend.