George: You did good today. Held your water. That ain’t no easy thing staring down the barrel of a gun.
Birdie: Yeah, well, my father ran numbers in the French Quarter. He used to use me as a runner so I think the first time someone put a gun to my face I couldn’t have been more than nine.
George: Whoa, Jesus.
Birdie: So this is not the first time but it is the first time someone’s offered to take a bullet for me.
George: Just how my Mama raised me.
Birdie: Don’t do that.
George: What?
Birdie: You don’t have to be on all the time, I mean, not with me.
George: My coping mechanism.
Birdie: Okay, I think I’ve got a better one.

Pote: It was Cortez. He paid them before he got killed.
Kelly Anne: But if he’s dead why’d they come after you?
Pote: He got paid. It’s like a bullet leaving the chamber, you can never take it back.

George: If you gotta kill someone, you kill me. She’s a civilian, she’s got nothing to do with this.
Raoul: How brave. But I’m a man of my word. If it’s any consolation I’ll kill you first so you don’t watch her die.
Birdie: (Spits at Raoul) I hope your nephew's dead and Teresa sends you to join him.
Raoul: Okay, you first.

Kelly Anne: Teresa doesn’t know I’m alive, obviously, right?
Pote: Not yet.
Kelly Anne: Do you think she’s still going to want me dead?
Pote: I don’t know.
Kelly Anne: If she does, she’s going to ask you to do it. I won’t hold it against you. Honestly, I rather you than anyone else ‘cause I know you’ll make it quick.

Teresa: He’s depending on me.
Pote: A lot of people are depending on you now, not just Tony, but if someone is after him they’re after you too.

Brenda: Would you be Tony’s godmother?
Teresa: Yes. Of course!
Brenda: No. Listen to me. No, ‘cause I’m not talking about just a godmother who’s going to pose for the baptism photos. What I mean is, if something happens to Chino or me, will you take care of him?
Teresa: Yes, of course.

Two armed Latinos driving a truck to Miami, I’ve never been on this end of the profiling but you and I both know that means one thing.


Kelly Anne: Tony and I had a system, if he ever got in trouble he’d ping me on the app. He said his roommate had been shot and a bunch of guys were running after him so I got in my car and I drove down here as fast as I could.
Pote: Knowing that you would be killed on sight?
Kelly Anne: He was in trouble, so yeah.

Teresa: After everything we've been through, this is a new start.
Pote: It seems like since we've moved here, you need less of me.
Teresa: Everyone I've loved is gone except for you. I will always need you by my side.

I wanted to remind you guys of something. No unnecessary violence, keep a low profile.. In this city, we are legitimate business owners.


Castel: You know in this line of work there's an enemy in every corner.
Teresa: That doesn't mean we need to create them where they don't exist.

Javiar: We're in for Gordo's fight. Fifty thousand buy in. There's a dress code.
Pote: A dress code for a cock fight? I miss Mexico.

Queen of the South Quotes

Your heart will kill you faster than a bullet.


Running a cartel is like driving a motorcycle a hundred miles an hour in traffic, any miscalculation, any mistake can have fatal consequences.