That’s a pretty castle. You know what your castle needs? A little soldier to protect it.


He stayed in there guarding her body until they took it away. That was when I knew Teresa Mendoza was dead.


Devon: It’s clear you have no intentions of running the business like Teresa but at least try to be discreet.
Boaz: I was discreet. I cut out his tongue so the neighbors wouldn’t hear him scream.

Marcel: What is it?
Pote: It’s a gift and a reminder. After what you and Teresa went through she still considered you family.

They said prison or death were my only options but what do they know? I chose life.


Devon: It wasn’t enough to buy her house, now you’re selling your own Tequila?
Boaz: It’s a message, like the house. There’s a new king in town.
Devon: Sleeping in Teresa’s bed isn’t the same as filling her shoes.
Boaz: Teresa’s shoes led her to the grave. Now I find my own path.
Devon: Teresa was successful because she knew how to fly under the radar.
Boaz: But she didn’t fly low enough to dodge your bullet.

I couldn’t protect her in life, the least I can do is carry out her wishes in death.


Pote: They know where you are, Kelly Anne. You need to run, leave everything. Go now!
Kelly Anne: Oh my God.
Pote: We’re going to be at the Sunset Motel just off the I-10. If we’re not there by 3 am you need to disappear. Do not look back.

Pote: I talked to George’s people in Belize. Everything is set, they’re expecting us. To George, coming through for us even in death. You know he loved you like a sister.
Teresa: We didn’t get to bury him.
Pote: I know, he wanted to be buried at sea
Teresa: Yeah. When we die, our ashes should go to Culiacán.

To the outside world he looks respectable but like the devil himself he lives in the shadows.


Devon: Teresa, you do this for me you will be the largest, most powerful cartel in the world and you can finish building your shiny American dream. Kostya is an enemy of the state. Now, you can be an instrument to defend our democracy or a casualty of it. You choose.
Teresa: What you’re asking me is impossible.
Devon: You were a money changer on the streets of Sinaloa. What you’ve already achieved is impossible. I have no doubt, you’ll find a way.

Pote: I’m not with Teresa anymore. I’m retired.
Chicho: Pote?
Pote: I’m about to have a family, a new life. You need to take care of Teresa now, Chicho. It’s your job. Don’t let me down.
Chicho: I won’t.

Queen of the South Quotes

You could say that I am living proof that the American dream is alive and well.


My name is Teresa Mendoza. I am from Mexico. I was born poor, not that that's bad but take it from me, I've been poor and I've been rich. Rich is better.