A New Deal - Queen of the South
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Teresa asks Oksana to introduce her to her cousin, Kostya, in New York, a very dangerous drug kingpin. Oksana warns her against it, but Teresa ask her to do it anyway. 


Teresa and Marcel decide to make LaFayette’s death look as though it’s due to his own crimes, that way, the cops and politicians in his pocket won’t risk investigating his death too closely. They pay off, Gina, the prostitute that LaFayette visits every week. She agrees to plant drugs on him and let Pote hide in her house to kill the judge.


Davis brings Javier to where Emilia is buried. He digs up her hand and sees her rings. He is devastated. 


When Randall calls Davis, Davis tells him he’s tracked down Emillia’s boyfriend and brought him to her body. He says he’s tired of his father drugging him. Randall runs to find LaFayette at Gina’s and interrupts the assassination. Randall and his men toss the bar and the distillery looking for Teresa. 


Javier calls Boaz and Miami and tells him what happened to Emilia. Boaz tell him to find Randal, kill him, and make sure it’s painful. 


George learns that Marcel is responsible for Birdie’s death. He’s angry but Teresa asks him to let it go as their war with Marcel is over. 


Javier confesses to Teresa that he killed Rene and that Emilia tried to save him by saying Teresa ordered Rene dead. That’s why LaFayette wants her dead. Pote wants Javi dead because he is the reason Tony was killed, but George takes up for Javi. Teresa decides to spare him.


Teresa tries to stop the war with LaFayette but he won’t do it unless she hands over Javier. She refuses. Marcel pretends to go along with the judge’s plan to kill Teresa but his men turn on Randall’s men instead. All of them are killed, except Randall who gets away.


LaFayette holds Oksana hostage as leverage over Teresa. He demands Teresa hand over Javier or else he’ll kill Oksana and the Russians will kill them all. 


Javier volunteers to be turned over to LaFayette. They make the exchange and Oksana is given to Teresa, unharmed. 


Randall and his men beat Javier. When Davis turns up, angry with his father, LaFayette tells him that Javier was the man who killed Rene and now he has to die. Javier is tied up and Randall's men put him into the trunk of a car, then pour gasoline over Javi and the car. 


As Randal lights his lighter, Javier jumps up and throws his bound hands over Randall’s neck, pulling him into the trunk with him. As Randall drop the lighter both men are set on fire. The car which blows up, killing them both. 


Later that night, LaFayette finds Davis in the greenhouse. He's killed himself. 


Oksana gets a phone call from her cousin. He’s agreed to meet with Teresa, which means her business will now reach Phoenix, New Orleans, Atlanta, Miami, and New York. 


A black car speeds up to the loading dock where Teresa, Pote, and George are talking. James stumbles out of the car. He’s bleeding badly but he tells Teresa that, “They’re coming for you.”

Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Davis: You’re the only person she wanted to talk to. She tried to call you just before Randall pulled her from the truck.
Javier: It was Randall who killed her?
Davis: He does all the dirty work.

Oksana: Kostya is a very cautious man. It is rare that he meets somebody face to face. He does not trust people outside his circle.
Teresa: I understand that.
Oksana: I do not think you do, Teresa. If Kostya pays you a surprise visit, he’s the last person you will ever see.