You see children, only by killing The Rose will the Queen of the Night really become the Queen of the Night.


The dogs will eat their fill of you and shit your remains onto the crags.


Indeed it was her idea to use the Puritans to sacrifice herself for us. An inspired, if dangerous idea.


Our Grand Rite now is done. Blood dimmed dawn now shall come. Powers of the moon and sun ignite. All flesh trembles at the sight. Thirteen souls fed to hungry earth opens the way for our dark lord's birth.


Oh dear Increase. I hope you're alive enough to know what an honor you've been granted.


Cotton, for God's sake. Kill the witch!


Oh this ain't right. This ain't right. Any fool can feel that, even this fool.


Increase: Who is here? Is it the whore of Babylon?
Mary: Poor, dear Increase. So terribly right and so terribly wrong.

Nothing is created. Nothing is destroyed. All is only ever transformed.


Oh George. I shall miss the dazzling wit of your conversation.


Anne: What disaster unfolds outside that we must cower from in here?
Hale: Tonight, there will be a plague released near Salem, a pox upon the Puritan house. Only those who carry the witch blood in their veins or are touched by it will be safe from this pox.

Mary: This is my vow. I will meet you here, before the moon goes above those trees. I swear it.
Alden: OK. But if the moon goes, then I go. With or without you.
Mary: [kisses Alden] I shall be back.

Salem Season 1 Quotes

All the world shall be yours in return; all the world.


John: Judge not, lets ye be judged.
Sibley: Who said that?
Jesus. You might have heard of him.