John: Who was that woman with the detective?
Eric: Her name is Tina Sawyer, we dated briefly.
John: Why does Cornell want to talk to her?
Eric: Because she's going to tell her exactly what she wants to hear.

Ben Crawford, the innocent man Cornell put away, was killed there.


It's an extortion letter! You were being blackmailed! Did you know about this? Who the hell was blackmailing you, and why?


Amanda: What did you expect to find?
Eric: Answers, and some. Who the hell was my wife?

Melanie is waiting. Melanie does not like to wait. Or cook. Or clean. Or service me in any way.


Neal: Do you sleep? Have a life? I don't know, anything else?
Cornell: Yes.

Eric: You know that guy?
Neal: I never saw him before.

Don't judge when you only have half the story.


You know your mother's a lush. I bet she sleeps in her own puke.


No matter how much you dig. You'll never find anything to prove I killed my wife.


Eric: Why are you asking me questions without my attorney?
Cornell: I can ask. You don't have to answer.

Kate: Lots of couples lie to each other.
Eric: In order for this to work, we have to tell each other the truth.

Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Eric: Kate's black eye was an accident. She was walking into the kitchen when I opened the cupboard.
Cornell: Are you telling me that your wife walked into a door?

You publicly exposed Eric's juvenile record at his wife's memorial. A record that was sealed and expunged. It no longer exist!